MeiCam SDK For Android  3.1.2
Image ROI

In the SDK, if the video clip added to track is an image, users can apply dynamic ROI operation on it. ROI (Region of Interesting) is the region of interesting. Every image, no matter a scene or a person, has a part that everyone is interested in, The very part is called image ROI. For video clip created by several images, users could select the most beautiful two parts as the starting ROI (startROI) and the ending ROI (endROI) of the image clip through two rectangular boxes.

For specific API settings, please refer to: setImageMotionROI().

Selects the starting ROI of the image clip, as shown below:

Image clip start ROI

Selects the image clip's ending ROI, as shown below:

Image clip termination ROI

When playing the preview image clip. The image clip will dynamicly move from the starting ROI position to the ending ROI position smoothly. The entire dynamic movement process is a linear translation, so that the entire image is naturally and smoothly displayed in real time.