MeiCam SDK For Android  3.1.0

Legal Statement

Meishe SDK is a software development kit for developers to quickly access video capture, editing, and production services. Beijing Meishe Network Co., Ltd. (refered as Meishe as below) reserves all the intellectual property rights of the product. After signing the agreement, the developer has the right to use this product. Developers are not allowed to violate the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and related policies when using Meishe's SDK. Any dispute arising from the use of the SDK shall be resolved by the developers and developers shall bear the relevant responsibilities, such as causing loss to the company (including but not limited to property loss, reputation loss, etc.) which shall also be liable for compensation. Meishe owns all copyrights for Meishe SDK, development files, and other related files. It cannot not be copied, modified, or distributed without the written permission of Meishe. Meishe will respond according to the law once it happened.

Service client

Meishe SDK enables developers to quickly execute video production services in the app, including video, image processing, basic video editing, fast package rendering, etc. Developers can create apps based on their own ideas to achieve various features. Meishe will quickly adjust, improve, and upgrade the SDK toolkit to respond to changes in the mobile phone system, mobile phone hardware, and usage scenarios to ensure the stability, high efficiency, and high compatibility of the SDK, and to ensure that the SDK brings a good using experience to developers.

Trial and official use

Meishe SDK provides free trial for all developers. Users can download the SDK by simply completing the developer registration on Meishe SDK website. However, in the output video, there will be a trial watermark to protect the right of Meishe. If users want to use all functions, please contact the business team for further cooperation.

Phone: 8610-82853152

Ability and limitations

  • Meishe supports:
    • Ios 9.0 or above system
    • Android 4.1 or above system
  • Input specification:
    • Video format: MP4、MOV、WMV、M2V、MPG
    • Audio format: MP3、FLAC、AAC、M4A
    • Image format: JPG、PNG
    • Video encode: H264、WMV、MPEG4
    • Audio code: MP3、AAC、PCM、FLAC
  • Output specification:
    • Video format: MP4、MOV
    • Audio format: H264
    • Audio encode: AAC
    • Image specification: Bitmap
  • Extended package format (extended package is a content package that is used to carry extended footage, including themes, captions, filters, stickers, etc.):
    • Theme:.theme
    • Caption:.captionstyle
    • Filter:.videofx
    • Sticker:.animatedsticker
    • Transition:.videotransition
    • Prop:.arscene

Product features

Real-time effects and HD recording

The SDK supports 1080P high-definition video recording and provides a wide range of recording functions. It can superimpose a variety of special effects while recording, and preview in real time to meet the requirements of different scenes. The specific features are as follows:

  • Maximum recording 1080P video, and users can set various resolutions such as 720P, 480P.
  • Supports different ratios like 16:9, 1:1, etc.
  • Supports multi-clip video recording.
  • Provides basic recording functions such as focus, lens switching, exposure compensation, flash, etc.
  • Provides the built-in skin beautification function.
  • Provides built-in filter function and its extension.

Supports multi-track and multi-clip editing.

  • Supports mixed and multi-clip edit of multiple formats of videos, images simultaneously.
  • Supports multiple tracks (video and image).
  • Supports various frame ratio, namely 16:9, 1:1.

Special effect Real-time Preview

Through the preview window (LiveWindow), users can preview the production effect in real time during edit without pre-processing and packaging, which greatly improves the user's experience and saves cost and time.

HD video output

The SDK supports multiple file formats as input, maximum up to 4K, and video output up to 1080P. Developers can set different output levels (1080P, 720P, 480P, etc.) according to needs.

All-round basic editing function

Meishe SDK has the most comprehensive basic editing functions on the market. It has very simple calling mechanism, and developers can flexibly use them according to needs. Basic features include:

  • Video clipping and segmentation
  • Video speed shifting
  • Video and image insertion
  • Video and image sorting
  • Video and image deletion
  • Image duration setting
  • Image cropping
  • Image motion setting
  • Image parameter setting (brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.)
  • Image rotation, etc.

Video real-time skin beautification

The SDK comes with real-time skin beautification effect, which can be directly added during capture and editing, and users can preview it in real time as well. At the same time, parameters like level of beautification, whitening, etc. are available for effect adjustment.

Beauty effect

Fantastic video theme

The SDK has a powerful and comprehensive theme system. Each theme includes title, tailer, music, image motion, foreground animation, transition, caption, etc. With only one click, the system can automatically and intelligently process the video to achieve movie effects. The specific features are as follows:

  • Complex image processing.
  • Coupled with film title, tailer, music, transition, etc.
  • Embeddable caption style.
  • Supports 3D scenes.
  • With 150+ themes to choose from
  • Provides fast production services.

Top-quality caption

The caption system of the SDK reaches the level of National Radio and Television Administration ‘s quality. It is not only a simple addition of a line of text, but also a very beautiful caption packaging effect with good scalability and extensibility. The specific features are as follows:

  • Supports animation image.
  • Supports text movement and single-word movement.
  • Text color and stroke are adjustable.
  • Supports opacity adjustment.
  • Supports multiple lines of caption.
  • Supports loading fonts.

Multi-track audio editing

The SDK supports editing of unlimited numbers of audio tracks. Single track audio supports import and editing of audios with multiple segments. A variety of audio processing methods are also available. The details are as follows:

  • Multi-track audio input.
  • Supports audio with multiple clips.
  • Audio cropping.
  • A variety of audio processing (Electrical, doll-like sound effects, etc.).
  • Audio transition (fade in and out, etc.).
  • Volume independent control.

Image foreground filter

With the unique foreground filter processing method, the entire filter consists of image processing, border processing, and foreground animation effects, which not only can complete simple color grading, but also achieve more image effects, while it also provides customized foreground filters service to meet various needs.


Animated sticker effect

The SDK supports adding animation stickers to the video in the production process, and users can also set the properties of the stickers to realize the beautification of the video images. The details are as follows:

  • Supports complex motion effects.
  • Support sticker with voice.
  • Supports mirror image.
  • Supports rotation.
  • Supports size modification.
  • Support sticker's extension.
Animated sticker

Transition effect

The SDK supports adding transitions between clips to ensure smooth and excellent transition effects in the convergence process, making the video smoother. Meishe also provides a lot of predefined transition effects for developers to choose from and Meishe offers customized transition services based on developers' needs.


Rich material library and customized service

The SDK provides a rich library of materials for developers to choose and will regularly update new content into the library. A certain percentage of free content will be offered for developers to use. A small amount of fees will be paid if developers want to use customized content. Professional team customizes the personalized material for the developers. The current material libraries contain:

  • Theme style: 150
  • Caption style: 60
  • Sticker: 360
  • Filter: 50
  • Transition: 30

For more information, please click material library