MeiCam SDK For iOS  3.11.0
Trim in and out points (trimIn and trimOut)

To put it simply, when audio and video clips are added to a track, the added audio and video are needed to be cropped, and the starting and ending points of the clip are trim in and out points. The size of the entire cropped clip is completely controlled by users, which can be long or short. When the related interface is called, the trim in point value and the trim out point value range must be within the duration of the entire clip. In addition, the trim in point should be smaller than the trim out point in value.

The following image shows the process of clip trimming, which is suitable for video clip or audio clip:

Two new concepts involved when a clip is added are in-point(inPoint) and out-point(outPoint). The in-point is the starting point of the clip to be added on the timeline, and the out-point is the ending point of the clip to be added on the timeline. When adding and inserting a clip, users can select the appropriate in and out points on the timeline according to the length of the video they need to generate.

As shown below, the clip insertion process can also be applied to video clip or audio clips: