MeiCam SDK For Android  3.1.0

Streaming Context

The streaming context contains the timeline, live window, capture, resource package management and other related information collection. After the Context is destroyed, the SDK production framework will no longer exist.


Renders the image at the specified position and updates the timestamp of the timeline.


Outputs files at the specified bit rate, frame rate, and compression format.


Captures from camera device.


Outputs the capture video source to files in specified format.


The timeline entity for editing scene, which is consisted of tracks, multiple video & audio tracks can be added on it. The length is determined by the video tracks.


An entity that holds clips. Track can be divided into video track and audio track, which can be extended with the increase of the clips.


An entity that holds audio and video content. Clip can be divided into video clip and audio clip, and the video clip can be image or video.

Capture Video Fx

A kind of video effect applied during capture.

Video Fx

A special effect of video image, which may change the video's overall or partial color, brightness and transparency, etc, so that the special effect can be shown on video.

Audio Fx

A special effect of audio that may change the tone, rate, etc. of the audio.

Video Transition

Special switching effect between clips. When a transition is added, the clips may have overlapping effects during the transition.


A collection of special effects, including title, tail leader, video effect, video transition, music, caption style, etc.


Customized text superimposed on the video. Users can set the font size and color.

Caption Style

Predefined caption attribute collection, including font size and color.

Animated Sticker

Animated stickers that are superimposed on the video to produce special effects.

Live Window

A timeline or window for capturing images in real time.

Video Resolution

Basic information about the video, including image width and height and pixel aspect ratio.

Audio Resolution

Basic information about audio, including the sample rate and number of channels.

Pan and Scan

A method of image size adaption, including horizontal clip and vertical translation.

Asset Package

A special effect resource to be installed. It can be used as a special effect after installation, including video effect, video transition, theme, caption style, and animated sticker.

Asset Package ID

The unique identifier of the resource package. It can be obtained after the successful installation of the resource package, and further be used in adding or removing the corresponding special effect.

Trim In

The starting point of the trimed clip. For more details of trim in and trim out point, in and out points, please refer to TrimIn and trimOut

Trim Out

The ending point of the trimed clip.

In Point

The starting point of clip on the timeline.

Out Point

The ending point of clip on the timeline.


The speed at which the clip is played. If the speed has not changed: (out point-in point) = (trim out point - trim in point); if the playback speed is 2 times speed, (out point - in point) * 2 = (trimmed out Point - trim in point).


The number of bits transmitted per second. The higher bit rate and the better the video quality will be.

Sample Rate

The number of discrete signals collected from continuous signals per second.

Frame Rate

The number of frames refreshed per second. The higher frame rate and the better the video's continuity will be.

Aspect Ratio

The ratio of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the image.

Pixel Aspect Ratio

The ratio of the width and height of one pixel. Only 1:1 is supported in the SDK.