Professional Video Production
Based on the broadcast-level image processing engine, it has various functions such as video and audio editing, professional subtitles, special effects packaging, and audio editing. It supports 4K high-definition production, multi-standard multi-frame rate and multi-format mixing. Professional quality of browser production.
Multi-platform special effects engineering interoperability
Based on Meicam's long-term accumulation in the video field, the product realizes seamless compatibility on mobile, PC, and cloud platforms. It can be used across platforms regardless of special effects packaging or production engineering. It also supports exporting fcpxml, AAF, EDL timeline sequences Bring great convenience to post-production.
Rich production functions
Covering various packaging functions from professional subtitles, video dubbing, stickers, video transitions, special effects filters, particles, themes, etc., support for multi-track professional audio and video editing, to meet various videos such as short videos, news, shows, advertisement Production requirements.
Installation-free, cross-platform, multi-person collaboration
The front end is implemented with H5 technology without installation; it can be flexibly applied to Windows, MacOS and other operating systems; supports multi-user collaborative work.
Application scope
Short videos
Feature films
TV shows
Business promotional programs
Music videos