Picture intelligent color correction
Automatically analyze the screen content and a variety of key picture quality indicators, intelligently calculate the best parameters for picture adjustment, drive exposure, highlights, shadows and other adjustments, complete professional-grade picture color correction, and make up for the picture quality defects caused by the lack of environment, equipment, experience, etc.
Powerful manual color adjustment parameters
There are 14 built-in manual adjustment parameters, including exposure, highlight, natural saturation, black point, etc., which can meet various professional color correction requirements according to the actual use scene.
Improve picture clarity
Clarity adjustment algorithm, through comprehensive adjustment of the picture color, edge, brightness, etc., one-click to improve the picture clarity and repair the slight defocus
Wide use scenarios
The whole set of solutions is universal and efficient, and supports color correction for video/photos, which can be used during shooting or editing. It is also a pure offline solution and can be completed without the help of a network