Professional and convenient track editing
Adopting the flexible multi-track design and satisfy the needs of professional video editing. The multi-track design will be a real-time display for the material hierarchies, which can accurately and flexibly add the effects. Through adjusting the hierarchical order between the tracks, to get more effect combinations, finally to realize the surprising packing effects.
The speed curve easy to get the movie-like video
To simulate the movie-like’s len movement. It can be full humor, even though it is the insipid motion picture. There are kinds of popular pre-setting speed change effect can be chosen and provides flexible custom curve keyframe. To stimulate creator’s inspiration continuously.
Matte to stimulate creativities
The professional matte effects, which can be added to the Myvideo solutions. It can be chosen by kinds of preset shapes, supports manual editing, to make the content looks funny.
Rich packing element effects
Myvideo solution covers many kinds of packing elements, which can add the in-out animations, combined animations, color filters, dynamic effects, border effects, and there are hundreds of effects in each type.
Using AI voice recognition to add the caption.
Vlogs require lots of video captions, which can through AI voice recognition to automatically realize the caption addition, dispends with manual input, to greatly save the production time.
Meishe template use and production
My video app supports the entire process of template application and production. Meanwhile, drafts can be submitted to the web editing tool, and edited on the web, or exported templates. Realize the entire process of interaction, sharing, and collaborative operation of drafts and templates.
Multi-end coverage of complete product ecology
The in-depth editing solution currently provides multi-terminal applications such as ios, Android, win, and Mac, covering more user scenarios, facilitating enterprise users to quickly build product ecosystems.