AR Prop Solution
The self-developed AR face prop scheme has outstanding effects, diverse gameplay, rich details, easy access, and supports prop customization

Product function

Accurate face detection
The mobile terminal provides a high-precision face key point detection solution, with high tracking accuracy and stability, and low resource occupation. At the same time, the face detection interface is opened to customers to support access to third-party point detection solutions.
Rich props effects
Provide popular props, cooperate with self-developed rendering engine, and provide the richest gameplay experience while occupying less resources.
2D/3D face props
Face stickers
Physics, particle system
Expression, gesture trigger
Portrait background segmentation
Foreground special effects
Advanced Beauty Makeup
The newly developed beauty solution supports multidirectional beautification enhancement, from basic skin resurfacing and whitening to 11 face beauty adjustments, such as face-lift, big eyes, mouth, small face, etc., as well as the latest supported Face beauty program, including 8 adjustments such as lipstick, eyelashes, shadows, blush, etc., everyone can get advanced and natural beautification enhancement
AI Avatar
Through the prediction of the facial expression base, the facial expression is delicately and vividly restored to the facial expression of avatar characters. In the case of only RGB cameras, real-time AI driving is carried out for metahuman. At the same time, Meishe supports the face pinching fitting method, and can customize the look. It is suitable for application in various scenes such as shooting, live commerce and anonymous social networking
Gesture detection
Meicam self-developed AI gesture recognition detection supports 6 types of gesture detection, including vertical index finger, palm, thumb, heart, yeah, and pistol. It can be combined with AR stickers to add more interactive gameplay such as triggering or control.
Prop Maker
Self-developed prop making tool to help users customize the props they need. It supports the production of 2d and 3d props, the adjustment of various parameters, the preview of prop effects in the tool, and the export of props. The UI interface of 3D-like software is convenient for users to get started quickly and improves the production efficiency of props.

Application scenarios

Interactive entertainment
Live video
Short video
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