Meicam SDKSDK SolutionAR FunctionVirtual AnchorOnline Editor
UI CustomizationNo restrictions on UI, developers can feel free to customize the UI
SDK Basic Functions
Video Size SettingSet the Bitrate, Frame, Resolution, and Framerate while recording and editing,Support 4K resolution
Multi-Segment Production and CompositionComposite an unlimited number of videos and images into one video
No PreprocessingThe pictures and videos imported do not need to be preprocessed before being edited, no matter the video resolution or quantity
Realtime PreviewEffects, like fiters, stickers, and themes, can be immediately previewed while capturing and editing, without preprocessing
Keyframe animationFrom position, zoom to audio volume, and including the intensity and value of various effects, all can set key frame animation
Bezier curve functionSupport the use of Bezier curves to adjust key frame animation effects
Volume SettingTune the volume of each clip (video, audio, dub) separately
Development WidgetsContains Widgets such as video thumbnails and audio waveforms. Reduce development difficulty and time
Effect Extension InterfaceDevelopers can integrate their own video processor into the SDK's video processing
Effect SDK modeIndependently integrates the video processing capabilities of the Meicam SDK into live broadcast, camera, and other scenarios
Video Capture
Full HD RecordingSupports up to 4K video recording, custom bit rate, gop size, aspect ratio, etc.
Multi-Segment CapturingCaptures multipile segments with seperate video files or a single video file
Auxiliary recordingCamera Switch、Flash、Focus、Focal Length Setting
Exposure CompensationAdjust the exposure compensation while capturing
Background MusicSupports playing background music while capturing
Beautification EffectsRealtime beautification effect, which supports tuning redness, whitening, smoothening
Toning filterrich filter effects, suitable for various application scenarios such as portraits, landscapes, food, etc.
Video EffectsProviding video effects like illusion,X-Signal,70S,etc(repeating, speed changing, reversed-playback need to be purchased)
3D LUT based CC FilterSupporting applying 3D LUT data to filter, so that developers can make filters with tools like Photoshop on their own
Animation filterInclude in, out, combination, 3 types of animation, user can add rich motion effects at the beginning, end, and the whole of the video
Animation filter duration adjustmentEach animation filter can be set to the default duration, the maximum and minimum duration can be set, and the duration can be adjusted
Filter Intensity TuningSupporting tuning of filter intensity
Screen Parameter AdjustmentThe brightness, contrast, vignetting, and sharpness of the screen can be set, and the intensity can be adjusted
Theme ModuleTheme module that enables production of high quality video MVs, photo albums
Multi-track/Multi-track AudioAllows for compositing videos with multiple audio tracks. Supports mp3, wma, wav, flac, AAC and other formats
Audio In-Point/Out-PointAdjusts audio clip position in audio track
Audio RecordingSupports audio recording with multiple segments and audio playback during recordin
Audio TrimSupports triming of audio clip
Audio Fade-in/Fade-outAdds fade-in/fade-out effects at the start and end of audio clip
Voice EffectsSupports 8 special voice effects, such as doll, girls, etc
Audio equalizerIt can finely adjust the volume of low, medium, medium and high, and 4 frequency bands
Multiple CaptionsSupports multiple captions and multiple lines of text
Caption In-point/Out-pointVideo captions have an emerging and vanishing time setting
Caption PositionCaptions have display position settings on the screen
Font SizeSupports font size adjustment
Caption RotationSupports 360 degree caption rotation
Caption ColorCaption color and transparency settings
Caption FontSupports fonts by using third party font file
Caption AlignmentSupports left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned (default left-aligned) positions in case of multi-line captions
Font StyleIncluding Bold, Shadow, Italic, etc.
Caption StrokeCaption stroke settings include color, thickness, and transparency
Caption StyleStandard subtitle style: Unique caption package style, with caption background, movement, per-glyph animation and other effects
* Word-by-Word Animation: Each text in the animation can be independently moved
* Background Animation: Adds animation and movement to the text
* Caption Borders: Sets an animated border for the text
* Background Stetching: As the length of the text changes, the background automatically stretches to keep the background the same
Assembled subtitle style: add different styles to the text according to the attributes to form a complete effect
* Special font style: change the text from a single color to a multi-layer style with independent processing effects for each layer
* Background bubble: add a background to the text, the background image can be animated, and the text frame can be set
* Text animation: divided into text in animation, out animation, combined animation, to control the way of text movement
Combined Caption
Multiple Combined CaptionsSupports multiple combined captions and multiple lines of text
Caption In-point/Out-pointVideo captions have an emerging and vanishing time setting
Caption PositionCaptions have display position settings on the screen
Font SizeSupports font size adjustment
Caption RotationSupports 360 degree caption rotation
Caption ColorCaption color and transparency settings
Caption FontSupports fonts by using third party font file
Combined Caption StyleMultiple captions can be combined through typesetting to form a fully design caption, suitable for movie titles and decoration
Animated Sticker
Animated StickerIncludes still image sticker, animated sticker, sticker with sound effects, etc
Multi-StickerSupports adding multiple stickers
Sticker PositionSticker display position settings
Sticker LifetimeSticker has emerging and vanishing time settings
Sticker Rotation360 degree rotation, anchor setting is supported
Mirrored StickerSupports mirrored sticker
Customized StickerDevelopers can make their own animated sticker with JPG, PNG, etc
Sticker Production ToolSticker building tool is provided on the official site
Basic TransitionTransition effect between clips, including face-in, black screen, etc
Special Effect TransitionMarvelous transition effects, cinematic effects, dozens of transition in choice
Clip trimTrim video/audio to a certain duration (accurate to frame)
Clip DeletionRemove video/image/audio clips from a timeline
Clip InsertionInsert video/image/audio clips into a timeline
Clip Order Adjustment Adjust the order of clips
Image LifetimeImages have emerging and vanishing time settings
Video GrabbingDevelopers can grab a video frame and save it as an image during video editing
Video CroppingCrop video to a certain display size
Video & Image RotationRotate video and images
Clip SplitingSplit video into several segments
Mask settingThrough the mask function, user can set the occlusion relationship for the custom area of the video
Background settingWhen the material and the frame are different or reduced, user can add a substrate to the material as the material background. The background supports 3 filling styles, solid color, picture, and blur
Video Reversed-PlaybackA video can be playedback eversely, and realtime reversed-playback is enabled with I-Frame or small GOP size video clip
Clip Speed-ChangeApply speed-changes on a clip,including speed-change recording and playback
Multi-track VideoUnlimited video tracks can be used to create effects like picture-in-picture and split-screen
Display modeSet the picture and video to show all or only the area content on the screen
Animation settingsYou can set the motion of pictures and videos within a specified time in the view
Sequence nestingSupport sequence nesting function
Output Size SettingOutput resolution and bitrate settings (up to 4K)
Hardware/Software EncoderUse hardware encoder by default. Falls back to software encoder, which offers better video quality at the same bitrate
Video Cover SettingUse a certain frame on the timeline as cover
Video Watermark SettingAdd a watermark sticker as the video watermark
Video GenerationGenerate media files with formats like MP4, MOV, etc
Video TranscodingTranscode videos, including Intro-frame only transcoding or reverse transcoding
Advanced options
HDR capabilitySupport HDR, HDR10 (PQ), HLG, HDR10+ and Dolby HDR import, edit, display and export