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Interface customizationNo restrictions on UI, developers can feel free to customize the UI
SDK Basic Functions
Editing ability Video Size Setting: Set the Bitrate, Frame, Resolution, and Framerate while recording and editing,Support 8K resolution
Multi-Segment Production and Composition: Composite an unlimited number of videos and images into one video
Real-time editing and preview: video import without pre-processing waiting, and all editing operations and special effects are previewed in real time during the editing process
Key frames and curves: You can add key frames and curves to various values such as position, intensity, volume, special effect parameters, etc
Expression function: In special effects production, through expressions, complex key frame animation settings can be carried out
Rendering capability MRAA unified graphics API interface: SDK will use the best Grahphics/Compute API on the platform to render graphics and images, with better performance
Support Metal API: The iOS/macOS version of Meishe SDK supports the use of Metal API to complete video image rendering processing
Flexible use of special effects: you can apply special effects such as filters, subtitles, transitions, audio, etc. to the timeline, track, segment, etc
Node pattern special effects: allows multi-track videos to apply special effects through nodes to achieve more complex rendering effects
Expansion ability Development Widgets: Contains Widgets such as video thumbnails and audio waveforms. Reduce development difficulty and time
Effect Extension Interface: Developers can integrate their own video processor into the SDK's video processing
Plug-in mechanism: support developers to combine self-developed special effects with a plug-in mechanism and SDK to realize materials with self-developed special effects
Effect SDK mode: Independently integrates the video processing capabilities of the Meicam SDK into live broadcast, camera, and other scenarios
Video Capture
basic functions Full HD Recording: Supports up to 4K video recording, custom bit rate, gop size, aspect ratio, etc.
Multi-Segment Capturing: Captures multipile segments with seperate video files or a single video file
Auxiliary recording: Camera Switch、Flash、Focus、Focal Length Setting
Background Music: Supports playing background music while capturing
Shooting caption & stickers: support the ability to call caption, stickers, etc. during the shooting process, you need to first purchase [caption] [stickers]
Special effects function Beautification Effects: Realtime beautification effect, which supports tuning redness, whitening, smoothening
Filter effects Toning filter: rich filter effects, suitable for various application scenarios such as portraits, landscapes, food, etc.
Three-dimensional filter: can realize the filter effect based on the three-dimensional scene
Special effects filters: filters can contain a variety of materials, animations and special effects, and can set key frames for combination and collocation Timeline special effects (repeated, variable speed, reverse playback) need to be purchased separately in the editing function, and the three comic books (comic book, ink and monochrome comics) filters are separately purchased separately.
Animation filter: Include in, out, combination, 3 types of animation, user can add rich motion effects at the beginning, end, and the whole of the video
Filter adjustment 3D LUT based CC Filter: Supporting applying 3D LUT data to filter, so that developers can make filters with tools like Photoshop on their own
Animation duration adjustment: you can set the motion duration of each animation in the animation filter, and adjust the animation speed
Filter Intensity Tuning: Supporting tuning of filter intensity
Regional effects: Special effects can be added to a custom area in the video screen
Picture adjustment Picture parameter adjustment: set the picture brightness, contrast, saturation, highlight, shadow, color temperature, hue, vignetting, sharpness, noise and other 11 parameters and adjust the intensity
Theme MV Theme module that enables production of high quality video MVs, photo albums

Basic Functions Multi-track/Multi-track Audio: Allows for compositing videos with multiple audio tracks. Supports mp3, wma, wav, flac, AAC and other formats
Audio In-Point/Out-Point: Adjusts audio clip position in audio track
Audio Recording: Supports audio recording with multiple segments and audio playback during recordin
Independent volume adjustment: Independently adjust the volume of various audios such as video original sound, music, dubbing, etc.
Music effects Audio Trim: Supports triming of audio clip
Audio Fade-in/Fade-out: Adds fade-in/fade-out effects at the start and end of audio clip
Voice Effects: Supports 8 special voice effects, such as doll, girls, etc
Audio equalizer: It can finely adjust the volume of low, medium, medium and high, and 4 frequency bands
Basic ability Add multiple captions: you can add multiple subtitles, and you can set the start and end time of each subtitle
Caption Position: Captions have display position settings on the screen
Font Size: Supports font size adjustment
Caption Rotation: Supports 360 degree caption rotation
Text setting Caption Color: Caption color and transparency settings
Caption font setting: You can use an external font file to set the font of the text (font file is not included)
Caption Alignment:Supports left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned (default left-aligned) positions in case of multi-line captions
Word processing settings: including bold, italic, shadow and underline
Character spacing setting: including setting the word spacing and line spacing of text
Caption Stroke:Caption stroke settings include color, thickness, and transparency
Advanced settings Caption horizontal and vertical settings: you can set whether the captions are horizontal or vertical
Caption mask: use the caption coverage area as the designated layer mask
Standard subtitle style Add an overall style to the text, the caption style can include the following effects
Word-by-Word Animation: Each text in the animation can be independently moved
Background Animation: Adds animation and movement to the text
Caption Borders: Sets an animated border for the text
Background Stetching: As the length of the text changes, the background automatically stretches to keep the background the same
Karaoke: Support for changing special effects through external interfaces to form karaoke caption
Assembled subtitle style add different styles to the text according to the attributes to form a complete effect
Special font style: change the text from a single color to a multi-layer style with independent processing effects for each layer
Background bubble: add a background to the text, the background image can be animated, and the text frame can be set
Text animation: divided into text in animation, out animation, combined animation, to control the way of text movement
Combined Caption
Basic ability Add multiple captions: you can add multiple captions, and you can set the start and end time of each caption
Caption Position:Captions have display position settings on the screen
Font Size:Supports font size adjustment
Caption Rotation:Supports 360 degree caption rotation
Caption Color:Caption color and transparency settings
Caption Font:Supports fonts by using third party font file
Caption style Combined Caption Style: Multiple captions can be combined through typesetting to form a fully design caption, suitable for movie titles and decoration
Advanced settings Caption mask: use the caption coverage area as the designated layer mask
Animated Sticker
Basic ability Multi-Sticker:Supports adding multiple stickers
Sticker Position:Sticker display position settings
Sticker Lifetime:Sticker has emerging and vanishing time settings
Sticker Rotation:360 degree rotation, anchor setting is supported
Mirrored Sticker:Supports mirrored sticker
Sticker style Sticker effects: including static images, complex sports, sound stickers and other stickers effects
Sticker animation: You can independently set the incoming animation, outgoing animation and combined animation of the sticker
Expansion ability Sticker customization: support users to use JPG and PNG as stickers, and can set the shape and animation of the stickers
Basic function Add transition: you can add transition effects between each segment
Basic Transition: Transition effect between clips, including face-in, black screen, etc
Special effects function Special Effect Transition: Marvelous transition effects, cinematic effects, dozens of transition in choice
Three-dimensional transition: Through the three-dimensional rendering capabilities of Meishe, it is possible to switch between video and video in the three-dimensional scene
Adjustment of transition duration: you can set the duration of transition animation
Basic function Clip trim:Trim video/audio to a certain duration (accurate to frame)
Clip Deletion:Remove video/image/audio clips from a timeline
Clip Insertion:Insert video/image/audio clips into a timeline
Clip Order Adjustment:Adjust the order of clips
Image Lifetime:Images have emerging and vanishing time settings
Video Grabbing:Developers can grab a video frame and save it as an image during video editing
Video Cropping:Crop video to a certain display size
Video & Image Rotation:Rotate video and images
Clip Spliting:Split video into several segments
Mask setting: You can set the occlusion relationship for the custom area of the video, and you can use captions as a mask
Background setting:When the material and the frame are different or reduced, user can add a substrate to the material as the material background. The background supports 3 filling styles, solid color, picture, and blur
Advanced function Video Reversed-Playback:A video can be playedback eversely, and realtime reversed-playback is enabled with I-Frame or small GOP size video clip
Video speed change: supports fast and slow speed operation of the video, supports curve speed change, and supports up to 100X speed change
Sequence nesting: support the timeline segment to be represented by another timeline, and can be edited independently to achieve professional nesting editing
Multi-track Video:Unlimited video tracks can be used to create effects like picture-in-picture and split-screen
Display mode:Set the picture and video to show all or only the area content on the screen
Animation settings: You can set the start and end positions of pictures and videos to automatically form the movement of the picture
Basic setting Set the output size: you can set the resolution, bit rate and frame rate to be output (up to 8K), support setting variable frame rate export
Hardware/Software Encoder:Use hardware encoder by default. Falls back to software encoder, which offers better video quality at the same bitrate
Get the video cover: you can drag a position on the timecode line as the video cover
Video Watermark Setting:Add a watermark sticker as the video watermark
Generating ability Video generation: finally packaged to generate video, generated MP4 or MOV and other video formats, can also export GIF
Breakpoint Resume Guide: Supports pause and resume operations in the process of generating video, and finally form a completed video file
Expansion ability Video Transcoding:Transcode videos, including Intro-frame only transcoding or reverse transcoding
Advanced options
HDR capability Support HDR, HDR10 (PQ), HLG, HDR10+ and Dolby HDR import, edit, display and export, and support HDR and SDR video mixing