Solution mature, easy access
The same core technology of the server-side solution and the Meiphoto SDK, through the integrated gameplay solution, quickly solve the production needs in lightweight scenarios, through simple deployment and access, video production can be completed, and can be quickly customized according to customer needs.
Photo album
Mainly for photo services, templated packaging, users upload photos, quickly generate a photo video, the effect of the album is wonderful, and customers can make related templates, greatly reducing the threshold of video production.
Photo beautification
Cloud image processing solution, without APP, can be used in H5 and applet to edit filters and add stickers for photos, the effect is previewed in real time, so that applet can also get a picture beautification experience close to APP.
Smart Video Theme
Cloud-based intelligent video production, supporting picture and video mixing, users can select the theme and modify subtitles, and then intelligently process the cloud to automatically segment and package fragments to generate a movie MV.
A fast-speed VLOG production solution, the template determines the amount and length of shots by the import and video trimming requirements.
Flexible deployment and customized solutions
In order to meet the needs of different customers, Meicam provides a one-to-one customized service in the cloud. Based on the capabilities of Meicam SDK, we can personalize the development of product solutions and customize special effects to help users build unique cloud products.