Night scene enhancement technology
Make the picture clearer in low light environment

Program introduction

MeiShe's night scene enhancement algorithm is mainly aimed at the noise and image quality imaging defects of the camera in low- light environments.Through the combination of Meishe's self-developed AI recognition algorithm, image noise reduction algorithm and intelligent color adjustment algorithm, the first judgment is through AI. , automatically open the night scene enhancement algorithm, at the same time, through the image noise reduction algorithm, remove the noise in the picture, and automatically brighten the picture and color correction, and finally form a night scene image with excellent detail retention, pure color and less noise. The solution can perform night scene enhancement processing in real time during shooting to improve the quality of video preview and recorded video.

Solution Advantage

Intelligent processing algorithm
Automatic night scene enhancement processing according to the scene
High quality
It can meet the real-time night scene enhancement processing of large-resolution video
Excellent performance
It takes up less equipment performance and meets the needs of a variety of equipment.
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