Multi-cam stitching technology
Multi-camera intelligent stitching, super panoramic sensory experience

Program introduction

The overall technology is mainly used in multi-camera shooting scenes, such as vehicles, intelligent hardware, etc., based on multi-camera shooting pictures, through the use of Meishe's image fusion algorithm and intelligent stitching algorithm, multiple pictures are processed in real time to minimize the Problems such as patchwork, uneven brightness, and deformation of the picture, and finally obtain an ultra- wide - angle, 360° large field of view image, bringing an unexpected preview, shooting, and recording experience to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.

Solution Advantage

Intelligent processing algorithm
According to the captured picture, intelligently process the stitching to ensure the accurate and natural stitching
Suitable for a variety of scenarios
Can be used for three-shot stitching, 360° stitching, surround view stitching and other scenes
Excellent performance
Under the premise of ensuring real-time high-pixel stitching, lower performance occupancy
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