Professional special effects design tool
In order to meet the needs of special effects customization, Meicam provides professional effect customization tools, The entire product adopts mainstream, easy-to-use interactive design.covers multiple tracks, keyframe curves, and dozens of atomic special effects. The designer can use it smoothly to create filters, captions, albums, and other special effects materials.
Professional design production team
Meicam has a professional special effects production team composed of senior practitioners in broadcasting, film and television industries, who can provide special effects production services for developers. Small and medium-sized developers do not need to train their own employees. To have creative and professional effects, they only need to provide ideas and pay a relatively low price.
One production for lifetime use
For all special effects produced with Meicam SDK, the developer has the right to use for lifetime. Meicam SDK provides an encrypted special effects package to ensure that they can be used safely and legally. Moreover, Meicam SDK is liable for copyrights of all materials used in making special effects to solve worries of developers.
Pay as you go, expand anytime
All special effects production is paid according to the number of productions, and developers can expand production at any time according to the development of their own products.