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NvsPaintingEffectContext Class Reference

Painting special effects context. More...

#import <NvsPaintingEffectContext.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - setInternalContext:
(void) - setStrokeWidth:
 Sets stroke width. More...
(void) - setStrokeCapStyle:
 Sets the stroke head and tail style. More...
(void) - setStrokeJointStyle:
 Sets the stroke joint style. More...
(void) - setStrokeFillMode:
 Sets stroke fill mode: color,texture. More...
(void) - setStrokeGradient:
 Sets the stroke gradient color. More...
(void) - setStrokeTextureFilePath:
 Sets stroke texture file path. More...
(void) - setStrokeTextureWarpType:
 Sets the stroke texture warp type. More...
(void) - setStrokeTextureRepeatTimes:VerRepeatTimes:
 Sets stroke repeating times. More...
(void) - setStrokeAnimated:
 Sets whether the stroke enables dynamic effects. More...
(void) - setStrokeAnimationSpeed:
 Sets the stroke dynamics rate. More...
(void) - setStrokeAnalogType:
 Sets the analog signal category used by line dynamics: sin, cos, inverted sin, inverted cos. More...
(void) - setStrokeAnalogAmplitude:
 Sets the analog signal amplitude. More...
(void) - setStrokeAnalogPeriod:
 Sets the analog signal period. More...
(void) - removeAllStroke
 Removes all strokes. More...
(void) - removeLastStroke
 Removes the previous stroke. More...
(void) - addStroke:
 Adds a stroke. More...
(void) - appendStroke:
 Extends the last stroke. More...

Detailed Description

Painting special effects context.

The painting effect context class can be used as an entry to adjust the painting effect. Users can adjust the path, width, texture, etc. of the painting strokes.

NvsPaintingEffectContext类中,所有public API都在UI线程使用!!!

Method Documentation

◆ addStroke:

- (void) addStroke: (NSArray *)  path

Adds a stroke.

pathCollection of consecutive points

◆ appendStroke:

- (void) appendStroke: (NSArray *)  path

Extends the last stroke.

pathCollection of consecutive points

◆ removeAllStroke

- (void) removeAllStroke

Removes all strokes.

◆ removeLastStroke

- (void) removeLastStroke

Removes the previous stroke.

◆ setInternalContext:

- (void) setInternalContext: (void *)  internalContext

◆ setStrokeAnalogAmplitude:

- (void) setStrokeAnalogAmplitude: (float)  amplitude

Sets the analog signal amplitude.

amplitudeAnalog signal amplitude

◆ setStrokeAnalogPeriod:

- (void) setStrokeAnalogPeriod: (float)  period

Sets the analog signal period.

periodAnalog signal period

◆ setStrokeAnalogType:

- (void) setStrokeAnalogType: (NvsStrokeAnalogType analogType

Sets the analog signal category used by line dynamics: sin, cos, inverted sin, inverted cos.

analogTypeAnalog signal category

◆ setStrokeAnimated:

- (void) setStrokeAnimated: (bool)  isAnimated

Sets whether the stroke enables dynamic effects.

isAnimatedWhether there is dynamic effect.

◆ setStrokeAnimationSpeed:

- (void) setStrokeAnimationSpeed: (float)  speed

Sets the stroke dynamics rate.

speedDynamic effect rate

◆ setStrokeCapStyle:

- (void) setStrokeCapStyle: (NvsStrokeCapStyle capStyle

Sets the stroke head and tail style.

capStyleStroke head and tail style

◆ setStrokeFillMode:

- (void) setStrokeFillMode: (NvsStrokeFillMode fillMode

Sets stroke fill mode: color,texture.

fillModeFill mode

◆ setStrokeGradient:

- (void) setStrokeGradient: (NvsColor gradient

Sets the stroke gradient color.

gradientStroke gradient color

◆ setStrokeJointStyle:

- (void) setStrokeJointStyle: (NvsStrokeJointStyle jointStyle

Sets the stroke joint style.

jointStyleThe stroke joint style

◆ setStrokeTextureFilePath:

- (void) setStrokeTextureFilePath: (NSString *)  filePath

Sets stroke texture file path.

filePathStroke texture file path

◆ setStrokeTextureRepeatTimes:VerRepeatTimes:

- (void) setStrokeTextureRepeatTimes: (unsigned int)  horRepeatTimes
VerRepeatTimes: (unsigned int)  verRepeatTimes 

Sets stroke repeating times.

horRepeatTimesHorizontal repeating times.
verRepeatTimesVertical repeating times.

◆ setStrokeTextureWarpType:

- (void) setStrokeTextureWarpType: (NvsStrokeTextureWarpType warpType

Sets the stroke texture warp type.

warpTypeStroke texture warp type

◆ setStrokeWidth:

- (void) setStrokeWidth: (float)  width

Sets stroke width.

widthStroke width

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