MeiCam SDK For iOS  3.11.0
4k video editing

How to support 4k video editing?
When creating a NvsStreamingContext singleton object, there are two ways: one is to create without flags, and the other is with flags. If using the creation method with flags, and the input flags' value is NvsStreamingContextFlag_Support4KEdit ,the NvsStreamingContext singleton object that supports 4k video editing will be created. Only 4k video editing is supported, and 4k video capture is not supported. If the input flags' value is 0, the creation result is the same as the creation without flags.

According to the way that NvsStreamingContext singleton object is created, the range of input parameter values is different when creating a NvsTimeline object. If 4k video editing is selected, users can create 4k timeline object, which means that the input videoEditRes's imageWidth*imageHeight cannot be higher than 3840*2160 pixels. Conversely, if 4k video editing is not selected, the corresponding imageWidth*imageHeight cannot be higher than 1920*1080 pixels. While the subsequent video trimming, special effects addition, generation, etc. are not affected.