# Function Description

To composing finished-product.

# Request

# Request example

POST /video/create HTTPS
Host: <host>
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: <AuthString>

# Request Headers

Name Description Type Mandatory
Authorization User token information string true

# Request Parameters


# Request Body

request body is Json character string,for example:

  "projectId": 16357,
  "title": "工程6",
  "coverUrl": "https://...",
  "projectUrl": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/bs_project/2021/09/28/16260/c34673d6-d3e9-4472-a470-e25bced831ba.xml",
  "sizeLevel": 480,
  "extension": "mp4",
  "notUpdate": false,
  "videoType": 1
Name Description Type Mandatory
projectId project id String true
title name of finished-product string true
coverUrl cover url string true
projectUrl xml url of project string true
sizeLevel resolution 480/720/1080 number true
extension file extension name String true
notUpdate update xml file or not
false -not update
boolean false
videoType type of finished-product,1-Meishe-Editor,2-Template number true

# Response

# Response Header

No special response header

# Response Body

Successful Response Body :

  "code": 0,
  "enMsg": "success",
  "msg": "成功",
  "data": {
    "jobId": 191

Failed Response Body:

  "code": <errorCode>,
  "enMsg": <errorMessage>,
  "msg": <errorMessage>,
  "data": null