# Function Description

To query number of task in different status.

# Request

# request example

get /job/count/info


# Request Parameters

Field Type Explain Mandatory
jobType String task type
TRANSCODE, transcoding
COMPILE, composing
AUDIO_COMPARE, audio alignment
SPLIT_WORD, sentences segmentation
state String task status
WAIT, wait
WAIT_CHILD, wait for sub-task
WORK, work
FINISH, finish

# Request Body


# Response

# Response Header

No special response header

# Response Body

Successful Response Body :

  "code": 0,
  "msg": "success",
  "data": [
      "executeState": "CANCEL",
      "count": 77404,
      "jobType": null
      "executeState": "FINISH",
      "count": 19680,
      "jobType": null
      "executeState": "WAIT",
      "count": 6,
      "jobType": null
Field Type Explain Mandatory
executeState String status and type of task. false
count int number of task false
jobType String task type false