# Function description

At present, only the weight of tasks in the waiting queue can be modified. The higher the weight, the earlier it will be executed.

# Request

# Request example

get /job/service/info

# Request parameters


# Response

# Response headers

This interface has no special response headers.

# Response body

    "code": 0,
    "msg": "success",
    "data": [
            "id": 760,
            "serviceUrl": "http://localhost:9093",
            "instanceId": "localhost:9093",
            "serviceType": "AUDIO_COMPARE",
            "executeCount": 0,
            "maxExecuteCount": 5,
            "lastDate": 1669877395511,
            "enabled": "true"
Field Type Description Required
id long primary key of the service in the database yes
serviceUrl String URL of the service yes
instanceId String Id of the instance yes
serviceType String Service type
TRANSCODE, transcoding
COMPILE, synthesis
AUDIO_COMPARE, audio alignment
SPLIT_WORD, word segmentation
executeCount int number of currently executing tasks yes
maxExecuteCount int the maximum number of tasks that can be executed yes
lastDate long The time of the service's last heartbeat, in milliseconds yes
enabled String Whether to enable
(this field is reserved and has no effect at present)