# Function description

This interface provides video metadata information.

The interface needs to implement the following business logic:

  1. Upload m3u8 files to object storage, m3u8 is used for front-end preview ( Example m3u8 file link (opens new window))
  2. According to the task ID, save the video metadata information to the database

# Request

# Request example

POST / metadataCompletion
HTTP / 1.1
Host: <host>
Content-Type: application/json

# Request Parameters


# Request Headers


# Request Body

The request body is a json string containing video metadata information, for example:

    "taskId": 1,
    "taskInfo": {
        "duration": 50000,
        "metadataFilePath": "/opt/bsedit/<uuid>.m3u8",
        "outputFileType": 0,
        "needTranscodeAlphaChannel": false,
        "videoWidth": 1280,
        "videoHeight": 720
Field Description Type
taskId The task ID passed to the transcoder by the caller long
taskInfo task information object
duration original video duration, in microseconds long
metadataFilePath m3u8 file address string
outputFileType output file type, 0 means video, 1 means audio (this field is used for special video, such as video with only audio stream) int
needTranscodeAlphaChannel Whether to need to transcode channel video (this field is used for special video, such as video with alpha channel) bool
videoWidth video width int
videoHeight video height int

# Response

The interface implementation can return the normal response body.