Initiate resource transcoding tasks for video, audio, and pictures. For video and audio transcoding, directly call the transcoder for transcoding. During the transcoding process, resource files will be generated, and the interface of the transcoder will be called to upload to third-party storage. Image transcoding requires an interface program to use code to transcode, and transcode to generate a file in the m3u8 format of Meishe. Example m3u8 file link (opens new window) m3u8 file format description

TAG Description
#EXTM3U File header
#EXT-X-MEISHE-MEDIA-TYPE:video Media type (video, audio, image)
#EXT-X-MEISHE-DURATION:15000 Media duration in milliseconds
#EXT-X-MEISHE-WIDTH:480 Video width
#EXT-X-MEISHE-HEIGHT:856 Video Height
#EXT-X-MEISHE-FRAMERATE:25/1 Video frame rate
#EXT-X-MEISHE-DISPLAYROTATION:0 Video rotation angle
#EXT-X-MEISHE-SAMPLERATE:44100 Audio sample rate
#EXT-X-MEISHE-CHANNELCOUNT:2 Number of audio channels
#EXT-X-MEISHE-HOST: The url path of the video segment, excluding the file name
#EXT-X-MEISHE-ASSETUUID:ef4fd1cd-4624-43af-a275-250cbb40a921 The UUID of the video, used to uniquely identify the file
#EXTINF:5,ef4fd1cd-4624-43af-a275-250cbb40a921-00000.mp4 Video segment, in seconds. After the colon is the duration of the shard, the filename of the shard
#EXT-X-ENDLIST end of file