MeiCam SDK For iOS  3.3.1
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NvsARSceneManipulate Class Reference

AR scene processing interface. More...

#import <NvsARSceneManipulate.h>

Inheritance diagram for NvsARSceneManipulate:

Instance Methods

(void) - setDetectionMode:
 Set detection mode. More...
(void) - resetTracking
 Reset tracking. More...
(void) - resetSkinColor
 Reset skin color. More...
(void) - setDetectionAutoProbe:
 Set automatically probe face orientation or not. More...
(void) - setInternalObject:


id< NvsARSceneManipulateDelegatedelegate

Detailed Description

AR scene processing interface.

In the NvsARSceneManipulate class, all public APIs are used in the UI thread! ! !

Method Documentation

◆ resetSkinColor

- (void) resetSkinColor

Reset skin color.

◆ resetTracking

- (void) resetTracking

Reset tracking.

◆ setDetectionAutoProbe:

- (void) setDetectionAutoProbe: (bool)  autoProbe

Set automatically probe face orientation or not.

autoProbeautomatically probe or not.

◆ setDetectionMode:

- (void) setDetectionMode: (NvsARSceneDetectionMode mode

Set detection mode.

modedetection mode, for all supported mode, please refer to [ARSCENE_DETECTION_MODE].

◆ setInternalObject:

- (void) setInternalObject: (void *)  internalObject

Property Documentation

◆ delegate

- (id<NvsARSceneManipulateDelegate>) delegate

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