# Online Video Editor initialization

frontend access.png

# Meishe-Editor task example

# task of transcoding,integration,sentences segmentation, segment extraction

job/info return data example.

data: {
    createdAt: "2021-05-20 17:20:00",
    jobId: "39139",
    jobType: 0, //task types 0-transcoding,1-compile,2-speech recognition,3-project transcoding,4-audios comparison(videosalignment),5 - sentences segmentation ,6 - video split)
    m3u8Url: "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/editor/2021/05/20/image/5f659d1e-8970-4f80-b34b-79e4f52f2947/5f659d1e-8970-4f80-b34b-79e4f52f2947.m3u8",
    progress: 100, //task progress
    projectId: "18620",
    resourceType: 3, // resource types 1-videos 2-audios 3-images
    resourceUrl: "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/test/resource/image/2021/05/20/11459/dcff9712-10b8-4747-8446-c94003aec24a.jpg",
    status: 1, // task status 0-processing,1-finished,2-failed
    title: "man",

task of videos alignment ,please query this interfaceresource/audio/cmpresult,task example.

data: {
    result: 1, //task status 0-processing,1-finished
    offset:4 // offset of two videos,in second

# Interaction of the user management

The request of redirecting to Meishe pages such as(/Home,/App)need Token information,frontend can store Token information,In addition, in all API interfaces, the request header will carry the Token, which is used by the backend to judge which user the request object is.

During system initialization, the system will request this path 'user / Info' to get user's information and display the user's name. (if there is a publishing function, you need to get the third-party account associated with the user).

# return code specification of backend interface

0: successed
2:Token expired