# Function description

This interface provides synthetic failure data information.

The interface needs to implement the following business logic:

  1. According to the task ID, save the filming failure information to the database

# Request

# Request example

POST / failed
Host: <host>
Content-Type: application/json

# Request Parameters


# Request Headers


# Request Body

The request body is a json string of pieces of information, for example:

    "taskId": "1",             
    "errCode": "1000"          
Name Description Type
taskId task ID string
errCode Error code string
Error code Description
1000 Mission information error
2000 Failed to initialize SDK
2001 Failed to build timeline
2002 Synthesis failed
2003 Synthesis Cancelled
2004 Template information error
2005 Failed to get video frame
2006 Authentication failed

# response

# response headers

There are no special response headers for this interface.

# response body

This interface has no special response body.