1. Download the material package and authorization file to the server, the directory is assumed to be /var/www/html/bsedit/material/
  2. Execute ps -ef|grep xserver , if there is no xserver process to execute, you need to start xserver first. Get the number corresponding to the current xserver. The number obtained as shown in the figure is 1.


  1. Execute export DISPLAY=':1' , where the number 1 is the result obtained in the previous step
  2. Execute the special effect package installation command, assuming the processServer executable program is in the current directory, execute the following command to complete the installation.

./processServer -taskId 1
-patternPath /var/www/html/bsedit/material/
-type installAssets
-licServerURL https://host:port (opens new window)/app Note:

      1. The parameter after taskId is the id number of the task executed this time, which can be uuid.
      2. The parameter after patternPath must be the folder where the material package is located, and the material package and the authorization file must be in the same directory
      3. The parameter behind licServerURL is the url of the authentication service deployed privately
      4. After the command is executed, a log folder will be generated in the directory where the command is executed, and a folder will be created under the log folder according to the date. The processServer folder under the folder of the current day contains the log log and log of this execution. The name is ProcessServer_<taskId>.log

# The location of the special effects package after installation:


# Server font installation

  1. Buying fonts from third parties
  2. Put the font file in the server working directory (/home/UsrName/Download/Font)
  3. Install the font files into the system font directory

# Font installation command:

sudo cp -r /home/UsrName/Download/Font /usr/share/fonts/ sudo mkfontscale sudo mkfontdir

# Check the installation result:

fc-list|grep <font name>