# Function Description

To get task information,including transcoding task/composing task/task of phonetic transcription

# Request

# request example

GET / job / info
Host: <host>
    Content-Type: application/json

# Request Headers

Name Description Type Mandatory
Authorization User token information string true

# Request Parameters

Field Explain Type Mandatory
id task id long true

# Request Body


# Response

# Response Header

No special response header

# Response Body

Successful Response Body :

  "code": 0,
  "enMsg": "success",
  "msg": "成功",
  "data": {
    "jobId": 1,
    "status": 2,
    "progress": 100,
    "createdAt": 1632770652000,
    "jobType": 1,
    "resourceId": 0,
    "resourceType": 0,
    "projectId": 6,
    "uuid": "c4e8f7d2e87b4a0d97df00b27a6b93ec",
    "recognitionResultUrl": null,
    "title": null
Field Explain Type Mandatory
jobId task id number true
status task status :0-normal
1-finished 2-failed 3-timed-out
number true
progress task progress number true
createdAt create time stamp,in millisecond number true
jobType task type:1-uploading task,2-composing task,3-task of phonetic transcription number true
resourceId resource id number true
resourceType resource type:1-video
2-audio 3-image 4-recognization
number true
projectId project id number true
uuid Universally Unique Identifier string true
recognitionResultUrl There will be the URL of the identification result in the change field when task has been finished. string true
title task name string true

Failed Response Body

  "code": <errorCode>,
  "enMsg": <errorMessage>,
  "msg": <errorMessage>,
  "data": null