# Function Description

This interface is used to create resources after the client uploads materials to the object-storage. Transcoding tasks need to be created in the interface implementation.

For the resource that needs to be uploaded with Multipart ,when object-storage finished the integratation and callback.then launch transcoding task.

# Workflow chart


# Request

# request example

POST /resource/create
Host: <host>
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: <AuthString>

# Request Headers

Name Description Type Mandatory
Authorization User token information string true

# Request Parameters

The interface has no special response Parameters

# Request Body

  "type": 1,
  "resourceUrl": "https://a......f79b011.mp4",
  "projectId": 1,
  "id": 1,
  "title": "资源的文件名",
  "isDir": false,
  "resourceNames": []
Field Type Explain Mandatory
type resource type(1-video,2-audio,3-images.) int true
resourceUrl url path url of resource String true
projectId project id String true
id resource id long false
title file name of resource,data from frontend is url encoding,and backend should do some operation of decoding,then put it into database. please reference this if you using JAVA title= URLDecoder.decode(title, "utf-8") String false
isDir resource of sequence directory or not bool false

# Response

# Response Header


# Response Body

Successful Response Body:

  "code": 0,
  "enMsg": "success",
  "msg": "成功",
  "data": {
    "jobId": 1234,
    "id": 1
Field Explain Type Mandatory
code response code int true
jobId task id of transcoding int true
id resource id int true

Failed Response Body:

  "code": <errorCode>,
  "enMsg": <errorMessage>,
  "msg": <errorMessage>,
  "data": null