# Function Description

To get reource list

# Request

# Request example

GET /resource/list HTTPS
Host: <host>
Authorization: <AuthString>

# Request Headers

Name Description Type Mandatory
Authorization User token information string true

# Request Parameters

Field explain type Mandatory
projectId project id,return all resource of this project if it is not null. String false
type resource type:
- 1: video
- 2:audio
- 3: image
int true
isPublic icon of public or not
0-private resource
1-public resource
int false
page page sorting,and first page is 0. int true
pageSize items per page int true

# Request Body


# Response

# Response Header

No special response header

# Response Body

Successful Response Body

  "code": 0,
  "enMsg": "success",
  "msg": "成功",
  "data": {
    "resourceCount": 19,
    "resourceList": [
        "projectId": null,
        "mediaType": 1,
        "id": 264,
        "title": "wudao",
        "description": "",
        "duration": 15000,
        "coverUrl": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/editor/2022/03/02/video/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4_cover.jpg",
        "uuid": "2a2f6ce52cdd46fdbbb06d2eacd59dd3",
        "userId": 1,
        "jobId": 188,
        "status": 1,
        "m3u8Url": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/editor/2022/03/02/video/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4.m3u8",
        "leftChannelUrl": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/editor/2022/03/02/video/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4-0-leftchannel.data",
        "rightChannelUrl": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/editor/2022/03/02/video/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4-0-rightchannel.data",
        "alphaM3u8Url": "",
        "alphaUrl": "",
        "isDir": 0,
        "width": 540,
        "height": 960,
        "url": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/test/resource/video/2022/03/02/264/2a2f6ce52cdd46fdbbb06d2eacd59dd3.mp4",
        "singleSliceUrl": "",
        "thumbnails": [
            "time": 0,
            "url": "https://alieasset.meishesdk.com/editor/2022/03/02/video-thumbnail/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4/a945585d3d0b4af583ebf8414c2b91d4-0000000.jpg"
        "thumbnailInfo": {
          "urlPrefix": "http://abc.com/abcdefg",
          "interval": 1000,
          "extension": "jpg"
Field Explain Type Mandatory
resourceCount count of resource int true
resourceList information array of resource array true
projectId project id int true
mediaType resource type:1-video
int true
id resource id int true
title resource name string true
description resource description string true
duration time duration,in millisecond,and default of image is 5 seconds. string true
coverUrl cover url string true
uuid Universally Unique Identifier string true
userId user id int true
jobId task id int true
status status of resource transcoding
int true
m3u8Url url of m3u8,get it by transcoding string true
rightChannelUrl url of rightchannel,get it by transcoding string true
leftChannelUrl url of leftchannel,get it by transcoding string true
alphaUrl url of single-sliced video with alpha-channel,get it by transcoding string true
alphaM3u8Url url of m3u8 with alpha-channel,get it by transcoding string true
isDir sequence image or not 0-false 1-true int true
width width of video or image int true
height height of video or image int true
url url of resource string true
singleSliceUrl url of single-sliced video,get it by transcoding string true
thumbnails array of thumbnail array true
time time stamp of thumbnail int true
url url of thumbnail string true
thumbnailInfo thumbnail information--there is thumbnail field at new version. object true
urlPrefix url prefix of thumbnail string true
interval time interval of thumbnail,in millisecond. int true
extension file suffixes of thumbnail string true

Failed Response Body:

  "code": <errorCode>,
  "enMsg": <errorMessage>,
  "msg": <errorMessage>,
  "data": null