# Function Description

To build task of transcoding or composing with task scheduling in background server

# Request

# request example

POST /job/create
Host: <host>
Content-Type: application/json

# Request Headers


# Request Parameters


# Request Body

request body is JSON character string,for example:

  "uuid": "uuid",
  "type": 0,
  "data": {
    "url": "...",
    "licUrl": "....",
    "callbackHost": "...",
    "resourceType": 1,
    "isDir": false,
    "isSingleSlice": false,
    "isAlpha": false,
    "resourceNames": [
    "compareAudioUrl": "http://.....",
    "trimIn": 1234,
    "trimOut": 2345,
    "maxWordLength": 24,
    "onlyTranscodeThumbnail": false,
    "pathPrefix": "9999",
    "reviewPrefix": "https://www.baidu.com"
Field Type Explain Mandatory
uuid string task uuid true
type int task type
1- composing
4- videos alignment
5-sentences segmentation
data object task data true
url string -- it is url of video-audio if task type is transcoding
-- it is url of project file if task type is compiling
-- it is a url of one of two audio if task type is audio alignment
-- it is json content of audio transcript if task type is sentences segmentation,and format is
     "bg": "0",            //start-time
     "ed": "1850",      //end-time
     "onebest": "...",   // the content wait for spliting
     "speaker": "0"     //ignore
licUrl String if the task is installing special effects,and lic url is required. true
callbackHost string Host of callbacking true
resourceType int task resource type
1.video 2.audio 3.image 4 audio transcoding
it is mandatory field when transcoding
isDir boolean directory or not false
isSingleSlice boolean SingleSlice video or not false
isAlpha boolean transcoding alpha video or not false
resourceNames array resource file list of directory false
compareAudioUrl string url of one of two audio which need to align it is mandatory field when transcoding when audio alignment
maxWordLength Integer The words spliter will segment long sentences with more words than this value false
trimIn Long start time of audio transcoding,in microsecond false
trimOut Long end time of audio transcoding,in microsecond false
onlyTranscodeThumbnail boolean transcoding task generate thumbnail only false
pathPrefix string similar with muti-tenant concept,and upload resource to this directory
Do not start the character string with "/"
For local NAS storage, if you want to customize the path of transcoding resource storage, you need to start with "/" and use it together with the reviewPrefix field
reviewPrefix string domain name of Cloud storage,and keep same between bucket of domain name and project,and it should according to pathPrefix
for example:hoped
pathPrefix is "/test/159",original domain name is "https://test.com"
so this configuration"https://test.com (opens new window)/test/159",you can specify pathPrefix without transmitting pathPrefix.

# Response

# Response Header

No special response header

# Response Body

  "code": 0,
  "msg": "success"

# specification

The task type of speech recognition is 2. This task cannot be initiated through this interface, so it is not listed in the type of the request body.The reason is that the speech recognition process involves multiple tasks.

  1. Firstly, call the task scheduler according to the trimin and trimout of the front end to start the transcoding service and get the audio files in this time period
  2. The user invokes the third-party capability (iFLYTEK, etc.) to realize the process of generating text according to audio
  3. The generated text is generally long and may be larger than one line at the front end. At this time, it is necessary to call the task scheduler to initiate a word segmentation task to divide the long sentence into short sentences
  4. Finally, return the short sentence after sentences segmentation to the frontend

Therefore, the creation of speech recognition task is not provided