# deploying requirement

  1. the machine id where authentication service located in,deferent public Cloud-Service has its own method.
  2. https certification file is required
  3. web browser visit authentication service
  4. compile service visit authentication service
  5. authentication service visit public Internet

# required files

File Description File Name File Path
authenticator NvAuthenticator /opt/authserver/
license file bseditor.lic /opt/authserver/
https cert file [domain name].crt [domain name].key /opt/authserver/
configuration file config.json /opt/authserver/
configuration file config.yaml /opt/authserver/

# directory structure of deploying

we recommend that certification file should be configured at this path /opt/cert ,and there are difference compared with the picture maybe.

# configuration file example:

DEFAULT_PORT: attention to do not use non-ssl port MAX_GOROUTINE: default number of GOROUTINE

  "USE_SSL": false,
  "DEFAULT_PORT": ":7443",
  "SSL_PEM_FILE_PATH": "/opt/authserver/1_eapi.meishesdk.com_bundle.crt",
  "SSL_KEY_FILE_PATH": "/opt/authserver/2_eapi.meishesdk.com.key",
  "LICENSE_FILE_PATH": "/opt/authserver/bseditor.lic",
  "LOG_CONFIG_FILE_PATH": "/opt/authserver/config.yaml",
  "SERVER_INSTANCE_TYPE": "privateCloud",
  "SSL_SERVER_HOST": "www.meishesdk.com",
  "EMAIL_FROM": "",
  "EMAIL_TO": "",
  "EMAIL_SMTP_SERVER": "smtp.exmail.qq.com",
  "EMAIL_PORT": 25,
  "LOCALE": "en"
Field Description Default Required
USE_SSL Whether to enable SSL false yes
DEFAULT_PORT Default HTTP port Note that DEFAULT_SSL_PORT is deprecated empty string yes
SSL_PEM_FILE_PATH absolute path to ssl certificate empty string yes
SSL_KEY_FILE_PATH Absolute path to ssl certificate key empty string yes
LICENSE_FILE_PATH Absolute path of cloud clip certificate empty string yes
MAX_GOROUTINE maximum number of goroutines 200 yes
LOG_CONFIG_FILE_PATH absolute path to log file empty string yes
privateCloud: private cloud
aliyun: Aliyun
tencentyun: Tencent Cloud
huaweiyun: Huawei Cloud
offline: offline
cmbchina: China Merchants Bank
privateCloud Yes
SSL_SERVER_HOST Server HOST Empty String No
EMAIL_FROM Email alert service, sender empty string No
EMAIL_TO Email alert service, recipient empty string No
EMAIL_SMTP_SERVER Email alert service, SMTP server empty string No
EMAIL_PORT Email alert service, SMTP port empty string No
EMAIL_USERNAME Email alert service, sender username empty string No
EMAIL_PASSWORD Email reminder service, sender password empty string No
LOCALE Localized Identifier
en: English environment
zhCN: Chinese Environment
Empty String No

Note: The email reminder service means that when the SSL certificate is about to expire (within one month), if there are related configurations in the configuration file, the service will send a reminder email to the specified recipient to update the SSL certificate.

# logs file config.yaml

please put config.yaml to resource directory

#zap logger configuration
zap: # "debug", "info", "warn", "error", "dpanic", "panic", "fatal",
level: 'info'
#console, json:  //json format output
format: 'console'
prefix: '[NV]'
director: '/opt/authserver/log'
linkName: 'latest_log'
showLine: true
#LowercaseLevelEncoder: //lowercase, LowercaseColorLevelEncoder: //lowercase with color,CapitalLevelEncoder: //uppercase, CapitalColorLevelEncoder: //uppercase with color,
encodeLevel: 'LowercaseColorLevelEncoder'
stacktraceKey: 'stacktrace'
logInConsole: true

# running NvAuthenticator

cd /opt/authserver
setsid ./NvAuthenticator &

# generating of machine id

machine id is required when lic generating

VM type how to get machine id
Aliyun-Cloud running at vm wget (opens new window)
Tencent-Cloud wget http://metadata.tencentyun.com/latest/meta-data/uuid (opens new window)
Huawei-Cloud wget (opens new window)
others Mac of VM(authentication server)

# testing

# run this command, deploying is successful if there is result.
wget https: //<host:port>/app/test