# Files for deploying

File Description File Name File Path
service jar package taskscheduler.jar /opt/task-scheduler
configuration file of jar package application.properties /opt/task-scheduler

# OS

we recommend Ubuntu 18.04.

# Configuration Environment

1.update install application source of Linux,and install JRE.

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install default-jre

# configuration file of jar package

this file application.properties should be located in directory which contains jar also.or located in config file at same directory,and every field has default value,just fix it as correct value.

# port 
server.port = 9999

# mysql databse configuration,we support mysql until now
spring.datasource.username = root
spring.datasource.password = root
spring.datasource.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/editor-task?useUnicode=true&useSSL=false&characterEncoding=utf8&serverTimezone=Asia/Shanghai

# Task scheduling regularly detects the last heartbeat time of the execution service. If it exceeds the specified time, it is considered that the execution service has lost contact
# start to check after system init open,in millisedond(default 10000ms)
check.execute.service.last.date.initial.delay = 10000
# time interval of checking,in millisecond(default 20000ms) 
check.execute.service.last.date.fixed.delay = 20000
# it is invalid after this time duration,in millisecond(default 30000ms)
check.execute.service.last.date.expire.time = 30000
# the latest active time of task scheduler check the work status,if timed out,and it will restart and this task be consider as failed
# After the system is restarted, how long does the checking start,in millisecond(default 60000ms)
check.work.task.last.date.initial.delay = 60000
# time interval of checking,in millisecond(default 60000ms)
check.work.task.last.date.fixed.delay = 60000
# it is invalid after this time duration,in millisecond(default 60000ms)
check.work.task.last.date.expire.time = 600000

# retry count of sending failed to sub-service
max.send.error.count = 5

# retry count of callbacking failed
max.callback.error.count = 3

# execute_result_detail   update execute_result_detail of database or not
update.task.detail.result.enabled = true

# update task progress of database or not
# if change this value to false,and change the value of check.work.task.last.date.expire.time much more longer. 
# if excuted time of task is extremely long,please try is again.
update.task.progress.enabled = true

# Start service

1.Switch the direction to where jar package located in.

nohup java - jar taskscheduler.jar > / dev / null 2 > & 1 &

# Logs file specification

The service log directory is created automatically under /opt/task-scheduler directory. The log file is created daily, and will keep the last 30 days log file.