# Files for deploying

File Description File Name File Path
service jar package privateMaterialManager.jar /opt/materialserver
configuration file of jar package application.properties /opt/materialserver

# OS

we recommend Ubuntu 18.04.

# Configuration Environment

1.update install application source of Linux,and install JRE.

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install default-jre

# configuration file of jar package

this file application.properties should be located in directory which contains jar also.or located in config file at same directory,and every field has default value,just fix it as correct value.

# port number
# prefix of project access
# database configuration
spring.datasource.url= jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/demo?useUnicode=true&useSSL=false&characterEncoding=utf8&serverTimezone=Asia/Shanghai
spring.datasource.username         = test
spring.datasource.password         = test
spring.datasource.driverClassName   = com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver

# Qiniu configuration
Bucket     = demo
QiniuHost       = demo
QiniuRegion			= demo

# Qcloud configuration 
QcloudRegion        = demo
QcloudBucket        = demo
QcloudOriginHost    = demo
QcloudHost          = demo

# AWS configuration 
AwsS3Region     = demo
AwsS3Bucket     = demo
AwsS3OriginHost = demo
AwsS3Host       = demo

# Aliyun configuration
AliyunRegion     = demo
AliyunEndpoint   = demo
AliyunBucket     = demo
AliyunOriginHost = demo
AliyunHost       = demo
AliyunArn        = demo

# Baidu-Cloud configuration
BOSEndpoint     = demo
BOSBucket       = demo
BOSOriginHost   = demo
BOSHost         = demo

# Huawei-Cloud configuration (specific configuration of huawei-Cloud with ak and sk)
huawei.ak = demo
huawei.sk = demo
huawei.endpoint = demo
huawei.host = demo
huawei.region = demo
huawei.action = obs:object:PutObject
huawei.bucket = demo

# Ksyun configuration
KsyunEndpoint   =
KsyunBucket     =
KsyunOriginHost =
KsyunHost       =
KsyunPolicyResourcePath =
KsyunSubuserEndpoint =
KsyunSubuserAccessKeyID =
KsyunSubuserSecretAccessKey =
KsyunId =

# local storage 

# read and write Key of storage (related configuration ak and sk except huawei-Cloud,local storage)
accessKey =demo
secretKey =demo

# Character string of Object storage,and we support qcloud,qiniu,aws,aliyun,baidu,huawei,Ksyun until now
defaultStorageType = aliyun

# callback url of task
jobCallbackHost = http://this.ip:${server.port}/private
jobDispatchUrl  = http://server url which task scheduler located in: port of task scheduler 

#cloud storage callback
cloudStorageCallback = https://this.host:11000/private/upload/callback

#Cloud storage host of the customer.
customHost = demo

# Start service

1.Switch the direction to where jar package located in.

nohup java - jar privateMaterialManager.jar > / dev / null 2 > & 1 &

# Logs file specification

The service log directory is created automaticly under /opt/materialserver directory. The log file is created daily, and will keep the last 30 days log file.

# required files for deploying

the deploying preview has already finished specification,and here are something new.

file description storage path(project root path ,depend on configuration and performance)
NotoColorEmoji.ttf /opt/manageserver/NotoColorEmoji.ttf
NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc /opt/manageserver/NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc

# Operations after the deploying finished.

Do some operations of material synchronization and font initialization,and sorting the materials at sometimes. 1.init font(get) attention:libraries should contain this two fonts.

interface return
https://domain name:446/private/font success,or failed message

2.sort materials(get)

interface return
https://domain name:446/private/materialNew/sort success ,or failed message

material.sql(33 KB)

table name function
nv_function permission operation table
nv_material_category_new category table of new material
nv_material_mapping category mapping table between material center and the customer.
nv_material_new new material table
nv_material_unuse material table without related category when asynchronization
nv_session session table of online users statistics

Background management supplementary files (opens new window) Supplementary document of background management