# Files for deploying

File Description File Name File Path
frontend static file bseditmanagement-dist.zip /var/www/html
configuration file of backend management NvConfig.js /var/www/html/config

frontend file directory image.png


# OS

we recommend Ubuntu 18.04.

# Configuration Environment

unzip the file and put it to Host directory of Nginx server,and put it in /var/www/html is conventional.


# Configuration file of interface

Next we should modify web api host configuration in the NvConfig.js:

// return url of login interface and Host of material interface for earlier version
function getApiHost() {
    return 'https://testeditor.meishesdk.com:446/private/'

// return url of login interface and Host of material interface for latest version
function getApiHostNew() {
    return 'https://testeditor.meishesdk.com:446/private/'

// return url of use latest version or not
function isNewApi() {
    return true

// return Interface Host of authentication information
function getAuthApiHost() {
    return "https://eapi.meishesdk.com:9089/"

// return Interface Host of task information
function getJobApiHost() {
    return ""

// return App id from frontend, keep the default
function getAppId() {
    return "e8b0d33e687d45638ded3a46cadac995"

//return name of the customer, keep the default
function getCustomerName() {
    return "meishesdk"

// return Cloud storage name
function getUploadType() {
    return "aws"
    // return "qiniu"
    // return "tencent"
    // return "local"
    // return "wenge"
    // return "aliyun"
    // return "huaweicloud"
    // return "ksyun"

// this is a specific interface ,return EndPoint of Aliyun 
function getOSSEndPoint() {
    // meishesdk  Aliyun formal 
    return 'https://alieasset.meishesdk.com'

// return local storage path,if storage medium is local
function getUploadMountLocal() {
    return ""

// return the file service host associated with the local storage path or the host of cloud storage
function getUploadMountHost() {
    // meishesdk Qiniu-Cloud formal
    // return 'https://assets.meishesdk.com'
    // meishesdk Tencent-Cloud formal
    // return 'https://qasset.meishesdk.com'
    // meishesdk Aliyun-Cloud formal
    return 'https://alieasset.meishesdk.com'

    // meishesdk Huawei-Cloud formal
    // return 'http://my-obs-test.obs.cn-north-4.myhuaweicloud.com'
    // meishesdk Ksyun-Cloud formal
    // return 'http://ks3-cn-beijing.ksyun.com/feijian-yidian'

//specific interface,return url of SMG upload, 10-27 getUploadStream -> getUploadHost
function getUploadHost() {
    return ""

//specific interface,return App Id of SMG upload
function getUploadAppId() {
    return ""

//specific interface,return App Secret of SMG upload
function getUploadAppSecret() {
    return ""

# Start service

Restart nginx service,then pages are available .

service nginx restart

Effect drawing 1 image.png Effect drawing 2 image.png

Effect drawing 3 image.png Effect drawing 4 image.png

# More Specification

Please reference to Meishe product manual