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Audio and Video SDK
Self-developed Video Processing Engine
Core SDK products that support the full process of video content production and meet the needs of various types of video processing
MYVideo App
Mobile in-depth editing tool
Flexible multi-track interactive design with professional editing functions and cross-platform interoperability
MYVideo PC Version
In-depth editing tool on PC
Provide professional packaging effect, which can be multi-terminal collaborative operated, and a common template solution to support rapidly content output
Web Video Editing System
Web-side in-depth editing tool
Based on a broadcast-grade image processing engine, achieve professional video production on web and multi-terminal interoperability
Intelligent Video Production Platform
Intelligent Video Packaging Solution
Combine AI and video and audio underlying framework, providing tools for rapid batch production of videos
AR Face Prop
AR Interactive Solution
Support face beautification, sticker props, background division, and other types of features, providing a variety of interactive play
AI Virtual Anchor
Quick access to popular features
Fine rendering effect, support image customization, a variety of interaction-driven modes, support for rapid expansion of multiple scenes
Hit Video
Short video production solution based on SDK capabilities
Includes popular features in short video apps to help customers quickly access popular features and maintain competitiveness.
Special Effects Customization
One-stop Professional Services
A large number of material resources, in addition to providing professional design tools, effect customization, the whole package development services
H5 Mini Program Solution
Lightweight web video production solution
Quickly meet the needs of lightweight image and video creation, supporting custom development of features and effects

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Meishe Tech Assisting Mi 10 for Generating Blockbuster-Level Vlogs with One Click via MI Editing Function
In mid-February, Mi 10 series mobile phones officially launched as the product to sincerely mark the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi. With a slogan of “Technology Knows No Boundaries”, Xiaomi Mi 10 series have formally entered the high-end market.
Meicam Co Ltd Won the First Prize

Recently, The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT) held the first “Broadcast, TV and Network Audiovisual Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation Competition (MediaAIAC)” to announce the list of winners. Meicam’s intelligent video content production platform which is based on the deep learning framework, has been approved by relevant management departments and experts, and stood out among many competitors, and won the first prize!
Meishe Network Technology Launched the Latest Video Automatic Color Correction Solution

The Cloud Editing Launched by Meishe Technology Makes It Easy to Produce PGC Videos Fast

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