Video-generated AI algorithm
AI algorithm, which is completely independent and self-developed, intelligently analyses the imported content of each paragraph.Multidimensional Detection Analysis and Video Clipping Related Elements Column videos are cut into different segments, and various information is collected and extracted for editing.Use. The whole analysis process is completed at the mobile end without the help of the network.
Intelligent editing
The new idea of intelligent video production, through the analysis of the whole information after AI recognition, intelligently imitates the ideas and techniques of professional editors to edit the video. Adding the most appropriate music to the video, selecting the most appropriate video clips, clipping according to the rhythm, and adding matching screen effects. Instantly tailor professional videos.
AI Video Packaging
When the clip is finished, the whole video will be packaged intelligently, such as unified color matching according to the video picture, adding subtitles matching the content, adding foreground animation in accordance with the style, adding the title of the film and the conclusion of the film, etc. Form a wonderful professional video.
Secondary editing
Based on the powerful editing and processing ability of Aerophoto SDK, when AI intelligent editing is completed, users can also carry out high-degree of freedom secondary editing function, which can edit fragments, text, filters, transitions, music, prospects, stickers and other elements to meet the user's personalized production needs.
Application scope
The whole AI recognition framework has very good usability and extensibility. Whether it is the current life, travel videos or some sports, games and other videos, can be more accurately customized to form a unique program, service the production requirements of various types of videos.